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Introduction to Wayfinding Signage?

May 11th, 2021

Nowadays, Technology is extensively used for way-finding solutions. Google Maps is a live example of it. Going one step ahead, we can now find digital signage system used for directing people in specific places such as big art museums, events, gardens, shopping malls, amusement parks, historic places etc. Way finding signages can be very interesting because of the two-way communication process. Some of the best museums, art centres, malls and airports have way-finding signage.
Way-finding signage helps in creating a personalized experience for the users. Suppose you are at location A and you want to go to location B then just by tapping on those two locations on map you can get to know the directions on the digital kiosk. One can hardly get lost after looking at the map.
Way-finding signages can be of different types. Some have inbuilt audio system through which people get to hear about where they are currently located and how they need to go to desired destination. Some have in-built animation system, videos or HD images through which information is displayed. There is an in-built facility for the users to give feedback about the system. This feedback can be integrated with social media.
Companies operating way-finding signages need to have centrally located system. This way, all the information can be operated from one centralized location. Any problem can be detected quickly.
Wayfinding signages provide plenty of scope for marketers to display information in different ways. One can use 2D-3D interactive maps to showcase information about different places. Marketers can also list down all locations as per particular genre. For eg if you are in an amusement park then you can find all adventure rides listed down in one particular genre. If you are in a shopping malls and if you are only looking for restaurants in the malls then you can find them categorised in food section.
Way finding signages helps in saving lot of time of the people. Sometimes people waste lot of time in roaming around a particular place in the mall searching for a particular destination. Maps help them in reaching the destinations quickly. Wayfinding signages play an important role in places such as hospitals and airports. People often are in a state of emergency while in a hospital or airport. Wayfinding signages help in guiding large number of people at one point of time.
Way finding signage provides attractive scope to marketers to showcase their brands in more attractive manner. Wayfinding signages increases the décor of the company when big events are organized for big delegates or VIP’s. It gives a hassle free experience to the visitors. Thus increasing the reputation of the event organizers.